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November 2016 Newsletter

Commander’s Message:

Greetings my fellow Legionnaires.  As we move into the Thanksgiving and Christmas time of the year we must not forget our veterans who are in need.  If you know of a veteran who could benefit from our support during Thanksgiving, or Christmas, please let us know.  This month we have outstanding opportunities to volunteer and/or attend some Veterans Day ceremonies going on in Spring Hill.  Below is a list of events I’m aware of:

5 NOV 10:00am to 11:00am – City wide Veterans Day Ceremony @ the Spring Hill Civic Center, 401 N. Madison, Spring Hill KS.  We are helping in supplying the MC, possibly the guest speaker, and performing the POW/MIA ceremony.

6 NOV 10:45am – Pastor Jack Smith from the Antioch Community Baptist Church has invited us to his service to honor Veterans.  The church is located at 22668 South Waverly Rd., Spring Hill, KS. (more…)