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May 2016 Newsletter

Commander’s Message:

Greetings fellow Legionnaires!  I am proud to announce our newly elected and sworn in Officers for Post 350.

Your Officers for 2016-2017 are:

  • Commander – Darrell Beck
  • 1st Vice Commander – Vickey Schowalter
  • 2nd Vice Commander – Tommy Holland
  • Adjutant – Johnny Ford
  • Finance Officer – Leeland (Lee) Borgelt
  • 1st Chaplain – Leland (Lee) Borgelt
  • Sergeant-at-Arms – Michael Hyland
  • Historian – Tommy Holland

Your Executive Committee representatives are:

  • Ed Hodge
  • Keith Masterson
  • Brian Johnson
  • Bryan Brinkman

We have an outstanding team that has a heart for helping Veterans and our community.  I am grateful each one of them has made a commitment for this coming year to share their time, treasure, and talents with us and our community.